Note 1. If you download this you must start a new game.
Note 2. This map is not compatible with both seasons and the straw addon dlc activated at the same time.

Map development changes and additions to V1D.

New custom foliage added.
Small area adjustments.
New detailing added.
New models added.
My own custom Luzerne added to the map with 3 growth cycles, to be harvested with the Forage Harvesters and Xdisc direct cutter.
My own Dairy added this will be developed further in future maps.
Sales Prices tweaked Beat Pulp added into the map.
New Particle holders and fill planes added.
New distance textures matched.
Sky swapped out.
Displays added to all mods, cleaner illuminated texture created for them.
Particles and sound added to the green houses.
Performance Adjustments made in the map.

There’s more but you won’t notice.

Design, layout, textures and some installed mods Stevie, Extra 3D models Luke_BK, server mp testing jman8798. Further scripts, models and installs; Marhu, Farmer_Andy, KevinK98, Kastor, Blacksheep, Nils23, Webalizer, FSModding, and Eisberg without whom the maps would not be as much fun to play.

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  1. Joe Eccles says:

    Can’t get anything out of the H milk machine. Loads with milk fine but just keeps saying ‘refuel when it comes to collecting the end product. Have tried every milk tanker and kotte tanker without success. Other than that a very decent map keep up the good work ?

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