Big M by KRONE v1.4

The Big M By KRONE: A 13.2-Meter-wide mowing beast.
This all new version continues where It started in FS13 followed by a great continuation in FS15.
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested 🙂
Log is Error Free.
Standard 520hp engine (45kph) or optional 750hp Boost Pack (75kph)
Three selectable steering modes
Standard 800 x 65 R32 Wheels or Optional Larger 800 x 70 R38 wheels with hubs fitted
The ability to choose your favourite color


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2 Responses

  1. wayne scott says:

    Great to have the wide spread swaths back again, but I seem to have a slight issue with the mover on the wide spread setting, I used it on Lowfolds Abberdeenshire map and was using to test another mod and worked fine on the narrow swath setting but as soon as I switched it over to wide spread again I instantly got a gigantic pile of grass under the mover and it would not cut any grass after that, is shows it cutting but no swath is left behind, could this be a glitch on this map or something else?

  2. James says:

    I think there is a problem with the newest patch (I play via Steam). I’ll be mowing along as before and all of a sudden random huge pile of grass piles up around mower and it gets stuck. After this happens the mower will cut the grass but it disappears when cut instead of laying on the ground. Logging out and reloading the game fixes the problem but it happens often. Not sure if you’re aware or not. I’m playing on PV17, but I tried a different BigM mod (one color, no wheel steering options, and more expensive darker green… not sure if that helps you know which I mean) and the other mod does not seem to have the issues.

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