Big M by KRONE v1.4

The Big M By KRONE: A 13.2-Meter-wide mowing beast.
This all new version continues where It started in FS13 followed by a great continuation in FS15.
Multi-Player and Single Player Tested 🙂
Log is Error Free.
Standard 520hp engine (45kph) or optional 750hp Boost Pack (75kph)
Three selectable steering modes
Standard 800 x 65 R32 Wheels or Optional Larger 800 x 70 R38 wheels with hubs fitted
The ability to choose your favourite color


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  1. wayne scott says:

    Great to have the wide spread swaths back again, but I seem to have a slight issue with the mover on the wide spread setting, I used it on Lowfolds Abberdeenshire map and was using to test another mod and worked fine on the narrow swath setting but as soon as I switched it over to wide spread again I instantly got a gigantic pile of grass under the mover and it would not cut any grass after that, is shows it cutting but no swath is left behind, could this be a glitch on this map or something else?

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