And so friends catch the first update of the map of Bukhalovo (the author of the map is aware of the changes).

There was a meat-packing plant and two new points of sale.
A little altered carer, animations excavator and sand is loaded from under the conveyor.
A new point of purchase of animals has been made.
Also, I replaced default trains for otechestvenye, these are those that are sent for sale.
On the map appeared night lighting (turns on automatically at 21.00 pm).
Added new sounds.
I fixed all the jambs (which I found) on the map.
I added a few static objects for the atmosphere.
IMPORTANT: In the folder with the map there are screenshots of what and where to carry, there will also be packs of zilov which are 100% working with the meat-packing plant. Other fashion did not try there already, look for yourself.
Since the card was tested without mods, before you write that the game crashes and so on when you start the card, I beg you to carefully review your mods.
If you find some jambs (maybe it did not finish somewhere), I’ll fix it.
The log is clean.
Download archive archive.
Author of the map: ben686 Changes: Vitaliy Shlyakhov
Everyone enjoy the game and large yields)
The second update of the map will be associated with the replacement of all the cardboard trees under the season mods.


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