Cantabria Infinite, multifruit map based on the area of Argoños, Cantabria.
Various factories, Felling area, animals, choppedStraw,
PalletSampler, BGA, hops, apple, olives, grapes..
By Critical.Special thanks to all modders who have made this map possible;
Marhu, BlackSheep, kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Kastor, Nils23, Slowtide63, Vanquish081… etc.
Contact: [email protected]
· NEW: Water desalinator, brings sea water and produces drinking water and salt. Salt water must be collected with any of the Kottes universal tanks added on the map. At any point on the coast you can refill, but! Watch out for the mud! There are a couple of places prepared for safer extraction of salt water, prepared with a wooden walkway.
· NEW: Slaughterhouse, bring your animals and get fresh meat and ham pallets. The animals must be transported in the transport car “El Pozo” that is included in the map, in the section animals, at the end of the whole.
· NEW: Cured ham. Bring your pallets of hams, empty pallets and salt. In return you will receive cured ham pallets, factory production is slow.
· NEW: Olive oil pallet, now the olives are processed in the patio of the oil factory and has a price higher than the “normal” oil pallet that is produced with rapeseed or sunflower.
· Added DirtControl script, be careful now you can get stuck in the mud!
· Added soil textures for fertilizer. Manure, compost …
· Digestato added to the point of sale AGROMA
· Factory production adjusted
· Added second screen in the silo of the farm
· LIDL pallets selling area is now bigger
· Now the food factory needs SAL
· Added collision to some walls and houses
· Some areas marked with soil decals
· The area of ​​the grape factory should go better FPS
· Added sign to stop the sale of milk from cows (you have to buy it in the store, placeables section, at the end)
· Small corrections.
· Pallet racks with animations now work properly
· Some corners of separate fields
· Trees in the slaughterhouse area corrected.
· All pallets have 2500L capacity. Which means that the price that goes on the PDA (1000L.) Per pallet will pay 2.5 times more
· Liquor factory pallet sampler should work fine.

By Critical.Special thanks to all modders who have made this map possible; Marhu, BlackSheep, kevink98, Farmer_Andy, Kastor, Nils23, Slowtide63… etc

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