CASE Maxxum PACK v1.3

Maxxum 110:
Price: $ 109,840.
Maintenance: $ 70 / day.
Power range: 110-135 Km.
Max. speed: 40 Km / h.

Maxxum 125:
Price: $ 126840.
Maintenance: $ 75 / day.
Power range: 125-155 Km.
Max. speed: 42 Km / h.

Maxxum 140:
Price: $ 146840.
Maintenance: $ 75 / day.
Power range: 140-170 Km.
Max. speed: 45 Km / h.

– Standard wheels.
– Wide wheels.
– Narrow wheels.
– Double rear wheels.
– Weights on the wheel.
– Panel IC.
– Opening the door.
– Hinged rear window.
– Sliding sunroof.
– Moving joystick.
– Folding steering wheel.
– Roosters.
– Pull-out visor.
– Movable axis.
– Full animation front steering.
– Fully animated front and rear linkages.
– Multicolor wheels.
– Fold the seat back.
– Passenger.
– Console round.
– Folding front right on.
– Speed ​​meter.
– Counter rotation.
– Counter hours.
– Counter fuel.
– Indicator lights.
– Brand new sounds.
– Slightly improved cab model.
– Weight reduced by 10 Mb terms of version FS15.
– Configuration options of the engine.

– Fixed front and rear PTO, and improved lifting height and lower the rear linkage.
– Improved mirrors.
– Added a second passenger.

– Improved capacity.
– Improved mirrors.
– The screen in the cabin starts after firing the engine.
– Changed the front wheels.
– Added opportunity to establish a track.
– Ability to choose from: Tuz or weight.
– Increased the size of the wheels Maxxum 140.
– Two tractors in one archive so that together occupy less space.

– Added new model Maxxum 125.
– New wheels.
– Changed the texture diffuse and specular.
– Opened a mask.
– Added engine model.
– Animation fan cooler.
– Sounds of opening and closing the door.
– When you open a door or window in the cabin is louder.
– New weight on the front and rear wheels.
– Wheels slightly extended.
– Animation door handles (I know that in real life it looks different).
– Vibrations of the engine and fenders.
– Improvement of certain elements of the cabin.
– Added lighting in the cabin.

To rework the module for FS17 and refine it spent a lot of time so please do not change the link.

Giants, LBC Modding, Quezz, X3D DESIGN
Programming FS17: CatFan18 Mods
Sounds and tests: Imeto
Help: Farmer 410, reverse Mods

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