Charlevoix Michigan Farms Beta v1

This is my first map for farming simulator 2017. I took alot of time to do this map. Credits go tomyself Randy Kevin Roger Leon Stanley.

Ginats Editor Randy Hutchens Jason Peterman Kevin wats Roger Leon Stanley

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  1. SDF says:

    Hello. I tried your map there was some issues
    i did not like the city area but it’s just my opinion.

    I had problems harvesting fields..
    I tried cultivate one field near the farm but hired worked was not able to cultivate that field for some reason?
    I harvested wheat field but harvester was not able to collect all the wheat it just stopped working i tried cultivate those areas with bad success.
    I tried to bring equipment to farm with lowloader but it got stuck on the railroad crossing.

    I liked the big farm area it was great.

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