The final version of the map BETA Čmelákov 17 DUOS 1.0
Change Log
Čmelákov 17 V2 Duos

Final 1.0

– Conversion of slaughterhouses and addition of a larger semitrailer for animal transport
– Reworked army. When you download a full-featured game, these Errrors will pop up in the log:
Error: Corrupt savegame, onCreateLoadedObject 32 has invalid saveId ‘FabrikScript_svestkovySad’
Error: Corrupt savegame, onCreateLoadedObject 44 has invalid saveId ‘FabrikScript_tresnovySad’
In this case, just save, end the game, and run again. It’s just overwriting in SaveGames
– Edit tipCol, you need to delete the tipColMap.grle file from the savegame folder, after loading will create a new
– Modified potato stock and added beet storage
– Added horseriding for oats, straw, grass and hay

You can download this map in section V.I.P, but only if you are a member of it.

Map update BETA Čmelákov 17 DUOS 0.9.6

Change Log
Čmelákov 17 V2 Duos

Beta 0.9.6
– repaired flour production
– modified texture of manure, slurry and solid fertilizer when fielded
– frozen water in seasonal mode now has a collision
– for a small cow, you can now choose to dispose of manure spoon as well as automatically fill trailer. Below the conveyor you can
to add a trailer, and the dung will automatically spoon
– an oil plant for easier product loading
– Set up some trees that were in the air (this may not be reflected in the saved game)
– all cereals can now be used for seed production
– minor landscaping
– Enlightenment of the silage pit on a large farm
– BGA can now be filled in all ways, even from a trailer
– dairy products and briquettes added
– Reworked produced pallets and vegetables with vegetables now in plastic boxes
– Added potato warehouse with a write to PDA warehouse
– redesigned trigger marks
– Selling complete pallet merchandise now in one trigger with animation
– Reduced ramp in oil production
– modified and fenced hens in a small farm
– Added weight with MP player statistics. Also active in SP, tablets are activated with the “*” key on the numeric keypad

You can download this map in section V.I.P, but only if you are a member of it. More information in the section Give …


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