Country GOLD Radio and Billboard Pack v1.0

With the advent of ingame radio, I sought to bring my radio station into the tractor and combine. To make it easier for you, I have assembled a neat little pack for your use.

Included in the pack ZIP file are three (3) files:
1. A README file which explains the easiest ways to get Country GOLD into your game as well as the billboard.
2. The revenue generating placeable billboards which will need placed in the mods folder.
3. A streamingInternetRadios.xml file which is the plug-and-play option for getting Country GOLD on your radio.

The billboards are error free and function properly in multiplayer.

If I forgot something, let me know and happy farming! 😀

Please keep original link and credits when posting this mod to other sites.

A special thanks to FTM-Mapping who made the original billboards.
Other credits go to:
American Eagles Modding team members for testing and odds-n-ends of help.

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