Dondiego Map v2.7

Welcome to Dondiego map, the map was converted from ls15 and based on my map from ls11.

Version 2.7
Unloading site for poppy and sunflower at bakery was converted.
Salestrigger for diesel was exchanged.
On the hop plantation the tube for the loading was shortened.

This is 4 times large map with many new and Obiekte ls17 function.

New fruits incorporated (oats, roe, spelled, triticale, millet)
Large yard with central storage for all fruits and products with capacity of 1500000 L.
All animals on the farm
Water in the yard is free
Fillable Hoftankstelle, Werkststt with configuration Trigger
Plenty of room for Placeable objects
Sawmill – boards and chips
Grain Mill – three varieties of flour on pallet
Bakery – Bakery Products pallet
Compost master compost
Soymilk Production
Milk trigger for the cows – milk sales trigger in dairy
Biorefinery (7:00 to 18:00) – Diesel (fuel)
Supermarket sales outlet for flour and bakery product
Baumarkt TOON (10:00 to 18:00) – Internet shop boards
Traffic and pedestrians
gold nuggets
postponed reset point to the yard

Recommended Mods:
Kotte Universal Pack
Stop milk sale

I wish you much fun

Kastor, Mike Modding, farmerads, möchtegernebauen,
El Cid, BlackShep, RC-Devil, Blacky-BPG, kevink98,
Farmer_Andy, Marhu, fasi, fqC art., auwgl, Nigels,
Nils23, slowtide63,GE-Mapping,atze1978,M-S_Buschi,

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4 Responses

  1. R says:

    cannot deliver any milk to the dairy for production end will not take the trigger says Produktion not milk ? cannot produce any cheeze yogert nothing there but can deliver to milk tower trigger, thnx

  2. Metal says:

    – Map places and pictures on ground are in German.
    – Shoping area spawn points are way to much up front (try to buy 4 trailer + truck) and take them out).
    – Bridge and on bridge road has no texture.
    – Road texture is to extreme. Perfect road texture would be from Sosnovka.
    – At Nordzucker, road is not complete.
    – Forest area is to flat. Diversity and dymapic ftw .
    – At compost master, texture on ground is flicker + texture wall is missing.
    – Aktien Bauere location is a logisitical nightmare for truck with 1-2 trailer. Should be much more open.
    – Green wheat texture on grain silos extremly well made, while red brick textures is super flashy and new (grain elevator).
    – Hafen, low quality textures.

    I hope this bugs does not bring you in bad mood.

    Otherwise the map is quality made and we will enjoy many many things we can do on the map :). Tyvm for creating the map!

  3. Metal says:

    i got nothing against German. Only reporting bugs, thats it (i assume this map is meant to be English?!).

    – Fuel tank in main farm is writen in German (abgabe, inhalt).
    – Lcd screen is written in German (rly cool idea!).
    – Cow water location, warning barriers are floating in the air.
    – Mclean biogas plant has not finished fence.
    – Picture top left 3 here. With bigger trailer you hit into this fueling thingy.
    – Blue loading silo, which is everywhere on the map is to low on the ground. I have to extended arm on it runner to be able to load up.
    – Grain elevator has to small space to turn and move with truck + 1 trailer. Also has missing textures.
    – Suggestion: one large area which is hill side, could be large forest ?
    – Some road crossing, where train goes are done, some are not.
    – Train does not consume fuel, way to fast and does not “feel” any load.
    – Suggestion: Pig and sheep pen are a bit to small (map has got a lot of space!).
    – Toon, textures missing and low quality textures.

  4. Metal says:

    Pig, sheep, cow are in perfect location! No need to move them 🙂 Forgot to add this info.

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