Fs 2017 exact release date still unrevealed, however, rumors spread across the world

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Many fans throughout the world patiently wait until farming simulator 2017 will be released. However, everyone has their own patience limits and when GIANT Software Company still hasn’t reveled exact release date, fans started discuss their own thoughts about the exact date. Even so everyone has the same wish, opinions differs dramatically so it is hard to choose which one is closest to the truth.

One of the most popular option, which looks like most trustable is that farming simulator 17 will be released on autumn of 2016. This rumor was even approved by GIANTS Software Company. Still, it is very interesting which month will be chosen. Many believe that company will present their brand new farming simulator game on October, as they did with 2015 and 2016 versions. Yet, it is known that GIANTS Company has some troubles, so this date can be delayed one month further till November.

Another group of fans states that there is handful of situations throughout game world when exact release was made on planned date. It is widely known that game companies faces all kind of difficulties so most often they are delaying release date, sometimes even several times. According to them, although GIANTS planned fs 2017 release date on autumn of 2016, the exact premiere will be delayed till 2017 beginning. If it appears to be true, many fans will be disappointed because they will be forced two wait several month longer.

Even though rumors are widely spreading, as long as GIANTS keep their mouth shut, no one knows the truth. All it is possible to do is to wait and expect that everything will go as planned. Farming simulator 2017 will be released on autumn of 2016 and none of the delays will be announced. Otherwise, many fans will be disappointed and we will be forced wait for the premiere several months longer.


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