Giants creates a survey for players


There was a survey that creates the giants and asking people what they would like in the new farming simulator 2017.

Here what people want:

9504 Physics improvements (Vehicles and environment)
9203 Extendable farms
8338 Additional brands
7571 More extensive animal husbandry
6936 Enhanced agriculture/tillage
5869 More fruit types
4891 Vehicle customization
3664 Tip anything anywhere
3225 Extended economic system
2321 Improved forestry
2123 AI improvements
1625 More growth states
1206 Enhanced sound environment
797 GIANTS Editor improvements

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4 Responses

  1. Dietrich says:

    Hunting will be nice on farming simulator 17

  2. ryan says:

    adding beef cows and pigs would be nice to
    i would also like to see sweet corn soy beans peppers thoughs are some things i would like to see in farming simulator 17

  3. DamienWilliams says:

    Kubota Company would be nice and can we get to take off mud covers on our tractors that would be cool . And Square Balers would be nice . Different Frontloaders,baler we have to change things but not too much . And let’s get to buy more accessories like buy cases and yarn for balers. Let’s get to see then pto spinning . BUSH HOG COMPANY IS GOOD AND THE BATWING BUSH HOG WILL BE VERY VERY DELIGHTFUL I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THE THINGS I WANT AND OTHER PEOPLE

  4. aaron says:

    drainage tiles for fields and split screen co op

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