This is a reconstruction of the original map of ls17 GOLDCREST VALLEY.

What was done in the V2.1

New halls were placed on the farm, new fields were created, existing fields were enlarged, meadows were added, various minor faults were remedied, a new forest was added, more trees were added.
In the 2.1. The following things were fixed:
TipCollision were fixed (now one can dump various cereals or grass in the dugouts and so it does not fall through the walls)
Floating trees
grass increases
New textures from Eribus
Easy price adjustment in the barn
Start vehicles has been changed. Since I am a great Massey Ferguson fan, I have the as starting vehicles.
Untrestand Steffen30muc
Little Untrestand Steffen30muc Twitter: @ Steffen30_muc
Biomass field Katsuo
Textures of Eribus

!!!!!!Attention! Important!!!!!!
IMPORTANT!!! You must delete the file tipColMap.grle in your savegame, otherwise the collies will not work in the subdivisions. Do not worry, the file will be re-written at the next game start.
After the download, the folder has to be unpacked, since I have a CREDITS attached with details of the modders that I have inserted their objects.
A big thank you goes to the modders of the objects that I have inserted. Without this great work, it would not be possible. Thank you guys!
Now I wish you a lot of fun gambling

what was done
all farms merged the main courtyard is now the cow yard
start vehicles has changed since I’m a big fan Massey Ferguson I have as a start vehicles
in V2 is a vast reconstruction plan, therefore you are allowed to a different version of this map still pleased
Now I wish you much fun from the Map


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