Horsch Tiger 10 LT v1.0

There is the original Horsch Tiger 10 LT from the LS17 of Giants
integrated plow function including other. and interruptible field creation
gefixtem helper behavior (is now back neatly and needs no perceived hundred meters turning circle more)
MP capability.

In the broadest sense the idea for it is based on that of Luis g Mod created
Horsch Tiger 10 LT Plough & Cultivators
Unlike the mentioned mod but I have a different approach and thus, for example. Intentionally refrained to define different workspaces for plowing and Grubberfunktion.

This results in my opinion relevant to 2 advantages:
Firstly, the full working area of the machine is both for the plow and for the Grubberfunktion used, thus no plow texture remain remains more on field boundaries, everything is represented evenly grubbed. (less realistic, but more pleasing to the eye;)
Secondly, the Mod is so wonderfully again slim down to more.

All other game-related parameters such as
Working speed
power requirement
Prices for acquisition or maintenance

and textures or model remained untouched *.
* Therefore, the small file size, except for the modified modDesc.xml and be vehicle.xml exclusively used original assets that are already on your hard drive. So there is no reason why I should let you download the same data again.
Furthermore, even an appeal to the more adventurous among you. In Single Player of cultivators worked for me without hesitation and without errors, both at various modded as well as original tractors from 400 hp. According Overview Map plowed areas are also recognized accordingly as such, the field condition “must be plowed” is properly reset and fruits that were incorporated, the field also fertilize correctly. (See pictures)
Basically, it should therefore also work in multiplayer to my knowledge, since I neither possess own server still have any a circle of friends who share this hobby with me, it is unfortunately impossible for me to test this mod in multiplayer. So if you are so nice Had it to give me feedback on any errors or problems, I would be very connected.
Enough of writing, have fun and advance a happy new year!
Since this is only a slightly modified Originalmod you can do for my sake with the mod and leave what you want.

GIANTS Software GmbH
Luis g, Creedless

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