Having teamed up with Unguided and the Forbidden Mods team, here’s a little surprise for you.
Today we introduce you to our version of FBM’s 2-axis IT Runner Pack, which brings some changes.
We would like to thank Forbidden Mods, Bonecrusher6 and Unguided for the decision not to put any obstacles in our way and to make all of us more fun.
The release of the mod was only awarded to the team (GF-Agrartechnik or me “Turboheini822”).
Further releases are granted only via Forbidden Mods in the case of the VIP User and Ur-Modder Unguided and or Bonecrusher6.
Please respect this, Unguided and also the FBM team around Bonecrusher6 do not bite and are very open-minded as well as sociable. 8o
What was done by us?
Added on IT-Runner chassis:
– License plate with manual approval of Blacky BPG
– Towbar rear selectable by Attacher Joint Config in the shop
– Dyn Hoses for the trailer hitch
-Different designconfigs on decals (Spannraft, Wagner, Krampe, Fliegl, Meiller-Kipper)
-Different design-configs for the strainer (Spannraft, Wagner, Krampe, Fliegl, Meiller-Kipper)
On silage containers were added:
Clamping force as well as Wagner Fahrzeugbau Decals by Designconfig
– More Base Color Colors (Tense Color Turquoise, Wagner Green, Silver, and a Yellow)
– Reflectors stripes by config selection
– As well as two freely invented Frimenlogo’s with address which are also by selection in the shop growable
(Agricultural cooperative Unterharnsbach and the Seppl GBR;))
Bonecrusher6 did this on the basic version of Unguided:
Dynamic pants on the It-Runner chassis
Dirt collector installed
– Various tire configs added under other Nokian Tires

Giants Software GmbH
Publisher: Forbidden-Mods
Unguided / Bonecrusher6
Veränderungen/Umbau Version 1.0.0:
GF-Agrartechnik – Tuboheini822
Kennzeichen Script mit Manueller Zulassung:
Blacky BPG

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