This John Deere 7030 Series is my official final version for FS2017.

John Deere 7030 Series [7730, 7830, 7930]

Properties of mod:
-Full washable
-Movable front axis
-Dynamic Hoses (Front and Back)
-Tires Air System (RDA)
-Warning boards configuration warning boards (4 types)
-Logo Configuration (John Deere, Rebo Landmaschinen, Fricke Landmaschinen and B+S Landtechnik)
-Used textures for Trelleborg Tires
-Interactive Control
-Exhaust Particle Start/Load
-Motor configurations
-Beifahrer/Passenger Script
-FL console
-You can open door also from outside (R)
-Silenced cabin
-Selection: Front hydraulics or front weights
-Full animation of the front suspension
-2 types Michelin Tires
-Detach the front fenders (IC)
-Foldable passenger seat (IC)
-Animated joystick
-Animation wipers (IC)
-Adjust the steering column (IC)
-Wheels configurations
-Foldable front arm (IC)
-Visual configurations
-Number plates (IC)
-Opened the door, rear window (IC)
-Working light, turn signals, brake lights
-Foldable Warning signs (IC)
-The dust under the wheels
-Tachometer and speedometer
-Movable front fender
-Animated hydraulics
-Log is free of errors

Model: Sotillo, Rysiu_77_, Templear
Textures: Sotillo, Rysiu_77_, Templear
Programming: Rysiu_77_
Script: Rysiu_77_, Manuel Leithner, MajsteR
Waschable: Rysiu_77_

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