Kaweco 6000 liter manure tank v1


Welcome to the official release thread!
This is a mod made back when 2015 was still a thing. I converted the mod to work with FS17. The original authors:

Model: Interfan (Basten)
Model improvements: JD7530-Chris
Textures: JD7530-Chris
In-game: Derk_S

It fully works, light beams, dirt on the wheels, turnlights, manure spraying animation, loading manure. The only thing that I might consider adding in a version two is the manure meter on the front of the tank. This wasn’t animated in the original model, so I didn’t do anything with it either, but of course it might be a nice add-on.
Please leave a rating and a comment if you like the mod!


Model: Interfan (Basten)
Texture: JD7530-Chris
Script: Derk_S
Idea / Concept: Interfan (Basten)
Testing: Derk_S
In-game: Derk_S

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