Kombinat Rolny Pomorze v1

Maps features:
– Two large, complex villages
– Technological paths (done sprayer nh)
– Sawmill
– Railway line with a train ride and transporting the crop
– Cows and pigs on separate farms
– BGA with cows
– 11 fields (3-48ha)
– The door opened without any mods
– Chopped straw mod
– And most of the features of the FS 17

And most importantly beautiful Polish climate 🙂
Unfortunately, the fields can not be done missions, due to their very varied shape.
The map was made entirely to the FS 17 (it isn’t konwert from FS15) so everything should work properly.

Thanks: Monster25, pasik1236

The prohibition edit without my permission!
The prohibition of changing download link and reupload!

Regards Tomix


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