Krampe Bandit SB 30/60 Limited Edition v1.0

Krampe Bandit SB 30/60 Limited Edition
~ Loading capacity: 59.000L
~ Maintenance costs per day: 40 € a day
~ Shop price: 90.000 €
~ Can the same thing as charging the normal Bandit SB 30/60

What was Modified:
~ Standart Giants Mod, I umgeskinnt in this Sonderlakierung (Limidet Edition)
~ Rim colors can be changed (blue, black)
~ Prices were a little Increases, as it is a limited edition.
~ NO LOG or other errors !!

Have fun with it!

Modell: Giants
Textur: Exception
Script: Exception
Idee / Konzept: Exception
Tester: Exception

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