La Mancha it a map that contains the original cultures of the game, with some modifications like capacity of the silos and the size of the map.
This map was created by MMR


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2 Responses

  1. charlie daniels says:

    game stop as soon as you try to drive anything

  2. John says:

    Good map..but I have trouble with when I buy a vehicle and get into it to drive..the game goes into a bad lag …barely moving…I’ve noticed this in other maps..I play alot on Estancia Lapachao…I downloaded a mod to give me a 10m ground soon as i buy it..the game does this same thing..I’d like to try further in this map..but lag this bad ya can’t play…I play on Mavericks multifruit has alot of resource using things..I get a jumpy lite lag in some places usually when I’m pointed towards certain vehicles..but goes away when I pass it or turn away from it…this map plays fine till I buy a vehicle…have tried other vanilla game vehicles that are not mods an same of any other issues..can’t get passed the lag part..thank you for trying tho…all modders are great..ya damn sure got further than I ever could..hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bitching..jus trying to give ya feed back..

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