Laumetris special pack v1

Clean log file
Work animation
Real physics

Laumetris trailed cultivator KLL-10T

Type trailed
Operational width 10 m
Operational depth 40 – 120 mm
Min. horse power 300 HP

Laumetris heavy disc harrow LLA – 3

Type trailed
Operational width 3 m
Operational depth up to 150 mm
Min. horse power 120 HP

Laumetris compaction roller TVLL – 8

Type trailed
Operational width 8 m
Min. horse power 160 HP

Laumetris trailed arrow type harrow cultivator SL-4T

Type trailed
Operational width 4 m
Operational depth up to 350 mm
Min. horse power 190 HP

Laumetris construction trailer PTL – 10 S

Capacity 10 m³
Chassis type, sway-beam
Brakes pneumatic or hydraulic

Laumetris manure spreader MKL-14

Capacity 14 m³
Chassis type single axle
Operational width up to 12
Min. tractor power 150 HP

Laumetris manure spreader PTU 6 0 14B

Capacity 13 m³
Operational width up to 12

Laumetris tank-trailer PTL-12V

Capacity 12,5 m³
Chassis type, sway-beam
Chassis type – tandem, spring


Capacity 40 m³
Chassis type, spring
Brakes pneumatic or hydraulic

Exclusive properties of Laumetris Ltd semitrailers:
• Solid length and width side board without any vertical bracket;
• Side board has bendings which increases resistance to deformation;
• Rear tailboard is easy to open and close with hydro cylinders while sitting in a tractor;
• Semitrailers are mounted with tires which are more than 500 mm width and have less pressure to soil;
• Spring chassis absorbs shock from rough ground and does not transfer any vertical motions to tractor throw drawbar;
• Springs on the hook also reduce shock and soften load for tractor;
• Rolling up canopy is used to cover the load from rain and is fastened on top of the body, from the front platform it is easy to roll canopy and cover the load.


Capacity 12,5 m³
Chassis type, sway-beam
Brakes pneumatic or hydraulic


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