LUBELSKA DOLINA V2 (poprawka) by Rajot GPLAY

Map description:
– 4 playable farms
– Buying-2
– 1 village
– 2 forests
– 50 fields (sold + missions)
– Animals (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens)
– The machine to start
– Purchase of straw and hay
– Purchase chip
– Purchase of beet and potatoes
– Purchase of wool
– Merchant animals
– Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens
– sawmill
– Long narrow field!
– Lubelski climate!
– Lublin Author! : D


-skup hay and straw work
-drogi in some places are improved
-powiększone were gates on a farm with cows and pigs
-silos on a farm with cows running
Corrected field
Other less important:
-studnia moved
-chodnik polished
-new garage in guinea;)
-optymalizacja 🙂


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  1. kry says:

    Dlaczego mi nieche dzałać map.. LUBELSKA DOLINA V2

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