Here is a converted MF 8700 for you.
The conversion is not completely from me, originally it comes from FarmerSteven and is in the
Version available on the modhub.
The following has already been done by FarmerSteven:
– animated door, skylight and rear window
– Interior lighting
– rotatable workboarders per IC
– Door can be opened from the outside
– Wide tires with wheel weights
– Driving lever and accelerator pedal animated
– Care ripening
– Wide tire TM1000

I have extended the whole thing again with some extras:
– additional engine configurations
– additional wheel configuration TM1000 + weights
– License plate according to engine variant, backlit
– Lifetime increased (2000) and maintenance costs reduced (from 360 to 300)
– Design choice 1:
– without accessories (without decoration)
– Interior accessories (hammer, gloves, folding rule, drinks, oil can, cooler bag)
– external accessory (tool box)
– complete (exterior and interior accessories)
– Design choice 2: Terminals of different manufacturers in different combinations of:

Müller Elektronik, WTK, Amazone, Grimme, Väderstad, Claas, Bergmann, Zunhammer, Maschio, Lemken, Bednar, Krone,
Samson, Pöttinger, Horsch, Veenhuis and a universal terminal built by me.
The terminals are partly with lighting, but only where it made sense, so where from the

Displays are also on
– Color choice and rim color choice
– Change license plate depending on the engine (chipped version has the 8700 license plate)
– Preparation for AdBlue-, HandBrake-, and OilChange-Mod (Mods do not have to be, goes without)
– various minor adjustments (old team ads removed and other odds and ends)
– New license plate bracket rear + normal for all license plates
– InDoor sounds
– NewExhaustParticles
– MR ready

Giants Software GMBH

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