Finally after almost 3 months everything finalized !!
Are Various Types of Bodies
Being them:
✔ 3 Long Bulk Options
✔ 3 Short Bulk Options
✔ 1 Long Tipper
✔ 1 Short Tipper
✔ 1 Semi Long Bulk Carrier
✔ (has holders for Transporting Cotton Rolls)
✔ 1 Long Forestry
✔ 1 Short Forestry
✔ (In Both Forests owns AutoLoad, only get wood side and activate)
✔ Roll-On
✔ Carroceria Canavieira
SHORT Bodies can also be attached to trucks
the carretas are:
✔ Long 30m and Long Dolly Rodotrem Kit
✔ Optional Couplings: Fifth Wheel or Mouth of Wolf
✔ Wheel hub options
✔ Color of Wheels
✔ Exit options
✔ Rodotrem, Dolly and Bitrem 9-Axis Kit
✔ Optional Couplings
✔ Casing on Wheels
✔ Color of Wheels
✔ Exit options
✔ Julieta Canavieira 2 Axes
✔ Julieta Canavieira 3 Axis
✔ Trucks
✔ Mercedes-Benz Actros Series 26 6×4
✔ Motor Options (2646 460cv, 2651 510cv and 2655 550cv
✔ Wheel Configuration (Standard and Reducing Cube)
✔ Cabin Color
✔ Color of Wheels
✔ Cab Design (Deflector and Aerofoil)
✔ Paralama Design (in Cabin Color or Black)
✔ Front Grille Design (Cabin Color or Black)
✔Volvo FH 500 iShift Series
✔ Motor Options (FH500 500cv and FH540 540cv)
✔ Differential options (6×2, 6×4, 8×2 and 8×4)
✔ Cabin Color
✔ Color of Wheels
✔ Cab Design (Deflector and Aerofoil)
✔ Graphics (Standard and Ocean Race)
✔ Volvo FH 400 Series
✔ Motor Options (FH400 400cv and FH440 440cv)
✔ Wheel configuration (Standard 6×2, 6×2 Reducing Hub, 6×4 Standard and 6×4 Hub Reducer)
✔ Cabin Color
✔ Color of Wheels
✔ Cabin Design (Standard and Deflector)
✔ VolksWagen Constellation 25-370 6×2
✔ Wheel Configuration (Standard and Reducing Cube)
✔ Cabin Color
✔ Color of Wheels
✔VolksWagen Constellation Series 31 and 33
✔ Motor Options (31-280 280cv, 31-330 330cv, 31-390 390cv, 33-440 440cv)
✔ Optional Platform or Mechanical Horse
✔ Differential options (6×2, 6×4, 8×2 and 8×4) <- 8x2 and 8x4 Options only work with the Optional Platform ✔ Cabin Color ✔ Color of Wheels ✔ Optional Front Grille (Standard, Headlamp or Front) ✔ Ford Cargo Series 24, 26 and 31 ✔ Motor Options (2423, 2429, 2431, 2623, 2629, 2631, 3131 and 3133) ✔ Differential options (6x2, 6x4, 8x2 and 8x4) ✔ Optional Coupler ✔ Cabin Color ✔ Color of Wheels ✔ Front bumper design (Low or High) ✔ Optional Front Grille It has on all vehicles ✔ Dynamic Knives ✔ More realistic mole system (suspensions) ✔ Lifting axle on all trucks and trucks (except those with 6x4 and 8x4 options, as the truck does not lift the axle) ✔ Cab Suspension on All Trucks so folks, that's it, I do not think I've forgotten anything! the Pack is about 450MB, ta bit heavy, but worth it. The Models that are not of ours the credits are in their respective XML's in Brief will be presented on LOST GAMER Channel so run there and sign up already !!! PACK will also be on FS19 !! A Good Game to All !! Authors:

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