MF OLD GENERATION 1970-1990 V1.0.0.0

A bit nostalgic?
With the MF Old Generation pack, relive the agriculture of the 80’s!

This pack includes: 24 mods
-MF SD-2 (Plought 2M)
-MF 5 (BigBaler compacted)
-MF 11 (Spreader fertilizer 20m )
-MF 15-2 (Log grappe)
-MF 23 (Cultivator 5m)
-MF 30 (sowing Machine 4m)
-MF 80 (frontLoader combination MF serie 600, serie 200C, serie 3000)
-MF 110 (tipper capacity=”10000″ option loading wall )
-MF 114 (Bale trailer with Belts, option ladders straigh, tiltable )
-MF 140 (tipper capacity=”14000″ option loading wall )
-MF 160 (plough 1.9m)
-MF 200 (forage Harvesters fruitTypes=”grass wheat barley”)
-MF 260 (forage Harvesters fruitTypes=”maize”)
-MF 200C serie (tractor crawler, Option 274c and 294c, option Sunshade, option FL)
-MF 600 serie (tractor, option 675 690 698 698T 699, option foresty, option FL, 5options Wheels, door and windows removable)
-MF 600c serie (tractor no cab, option 675 690 698 698T 699, option foresty and Sunshade, option FL, 5options Wheels )
-MF 885 (windrower, door removable, trailer attacher)
-MF 885 cutter (cutter, 5m, combination MF885, )
-MF 3000 serie (tractor, option 3050 3060 3070 3080 3090, option foresty, option FL, 4options Wheels, door and windows removable)
-MF 600KG (Front weight, 600kg )
-MF 2500KG (Back weight, 2500kg, combination MF serie 600, serie 200C, serie 3000, trailer attacher)
-MF Fork (options Spikes and Fork, combination MF80)
-MF shovel (option With Teeth, capacity 2000, combination MF80)
-MF T885 (cutter Trailer, 6m, Also for vehicle transport)

Blacksheep Modding

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