Mom’s Diner v1.0

Moms’s Diner is a replica of an American-inspired snack that once existed in the village of Hude in Niedersachsen / Germany.

– Copy “” to the Mods folder

– can be placed
– static lighting
– Outside lighting switches off during the day

– Purchase price = 1 Euro
– Maintenance = 0 Euro

– per Giants editor the diner can be filled with further objects
– thus Additional translation examples for ‘
If a copy can be made of the diffuse texture around e.g. 50% darkened as Emissive,
The object is then brightened.
– latest W.I.P.
– more goes always, at this point the project is finished 😉

User name:
– Giants

Have fun!


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  1. Nexodius says:

    what are the artist and the song name of the song thats in moms diner

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