MTZ 2522DB FS2017 v1.0

Tractor BELARUS 2522DV general purpose traction class 5 is designed for plowing. Power, kW (hp) 195 (265)

7-9 open doors
8 Rear Window
4-0 side windows
Modifications Advantages: Good Texture, panel-lit animated

andrei semenov,LSSA,Coyote, FS-TV

2 Responses

  1. Joefarmer says:

    Nice job! When attaching a machine, PTO not visible.

  2. Trucky says:

    Another good mod let down by a ridiculous background sound. WHY DO YOU INSIST ON PUTTING THESE UNRELATED RHYTHMS??!! that in my long driving experience, have NEVER heard in any sort of vehicle. PLEASE stop spoiling good mods and put realistic sounds in.

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