Multi Overlay V2 Hud ArtDesign


There artDesigns for Multi Overlay V2 Hud LS17 Convert Mod v.2.7 and higher.
Caution !! Addon lst compatible with plain old MultiOverlayV2 Hud
Caution !! Addon lst incompatible with the plain old multi overlay Hud v1.5
Short video tutorial: here (video tutorial here click)
Who the Standart ArtDesign not like and want to have a little variety, which is found here in the future appropriate alternatives. (Corresponding User requests can be considered if it can be the time)

blue white , green round ,
phone , junior style , hole style , ls15dark

Use and installation:
Zip Download
17 main directory folder in Ls moV2Hud_Settings / ArtDesign Search (when using the Multi Overlay V2 Hud Mod)
unpack all xml and dds files from the zip file into the folder
in the game on the Settings menu -artDesign- go and select ARTDESIGN

There are currently up to 10 ArtDesigns supported, so if you like to self-create / change will / can the needs of this then add and numbered consecutively. Some information you get in the xml files. The graphics must still comply with certain sizes. Maybe I poste still a little guide to times.
And who does not like it should not invite easy 🙂

1.Veröffentlichung only with original download link. NOT a substitute link
2.The change and re-upload is not allowed


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