Version 1.3 Final
– Fruit type poppy incorporated
– 2 chicken farms installed – & gt; produce eggs on pallets. Raw materials are water, cereals (wheat and barley), straw and chickens. The chickens can be purchased from the cattle dealer. These must be transported (!) With the attached livestock truck. It is also possible to unload the chickens at the chicken coop.
– Straw storage for loose straw installed in the pigs
– Shed installed in the pigs. Has a pure Dekofunktion, but can be entered
– Built-in liquid egg production, produced as the name implies Liquid egg and as waste / byproduct eggshells. The egg pallets of the chicken farm serve as raw material
– Blue poppy production installed. Requires the raw material poppy, produces blue poppy
– Digital display installed in the animals (except for the horses)

– Bakery now needs for production still liquid egg and Blaumohn as raw materials
– Blaumohn (baker’s poppy seed) is produced as a bulk material in Meyers Manufaktur. The raw material is poppy. Blaumohn is a separate and independent production on the site of the manufactory.
– Poppy and blue poppy can be sold at many outlets. Especially in all markets
– Meyers Manufaktur now needs liquid egg as raw material. The production of eggs in the chicken farms is quite high and fast. Unnecessary egg trays can be sold at all markets and at the hotel.
– Meyers Manufaktur now also produces fritters as pallets.
– further field paths created / revised
– Changing the hall in the pigs and newly placed
– Eggshells from liquid egg production can be used as raw material in the following productions:

– CompostMaster
– solid fertilizer production (in addition to the manure)
– Pig feed production with additives

The egg shells can be stored in the yard silo, but I will not attach an additional display to the overview board. Otherwise, they can be sold on the LC and manure-manure purchase. Otherwise just look in the price overview.

The liquid egg production has opening times. The gate automatically opens at 05:00 and closes again at 23:30.

Finally, a note: Who wants to buy chickens for the chicken farms, which must bring these animals with the enclosed cattle truck to the farms. Who buys the chickens without transporters, then finds these animals in the normal chicken coop again.

Before I come to the actual description of the card, the following note:
Originally I did not want to publish a map here on Modhoster anymore. The reason lay in the multitude of offensive comments to my card Birkenhof. If this is the same repeating, then I will unabashedly disable the comment function again and then this is irrevocably the last mod that is published by me here. I always have an open ear for constructive criticism, but the sound makes the music. And there are no reasons to become insulting.
The LS Mapping Team presents you a remake of the map Multimap from 2014, back then for the LS 13.
We now say: Welcome to the Multimap 2018 for the LS 17.
The original mapper of this map is LF-Bauer. He had already invested a lot of effort and diligence in this card in 2014, and although there were several cards with this name, in my view, this card is the best of them all.
But first of all the “technical data” of the map:
4-fold with multi-fruit and choppedStraw
The following fruits are installed:
Standard fruits, sugar cane cultivation is possible, oats, rye, spelled, triticale, hops, tobacco, onions, carrots, lettuce, cabbage and red cabbage.
At this point, my special thanks to GMCW for the release of Porta Westfalica for use as an empty base map with these built-fruits.
You are better off with FS 19 than any of its previous versions. You can now start off the farming game with three options to choose from. These are as a farmer with minimum agriculture land, starting from scratch or as farm manager. The ordinary farmer would be almost similar to the previous versions as seen in fs 19 mods As for the farm manager, you also get a larger cash to begin the game which is not so for the start from scratch farmer.
A farm manager is able to distinctly get whole plots and is able to introduce farm management techniques with an assortment of machinery and AI workers.
The basis for this is the Multimap for the LS 15. However, this version never found its way into the public. Road, terrain and almost all old objects were taken 1: 1. The trees have been completely replaced. All productions that ran on UPK, were converted to the factory script. New production branches have been added. And there are numerous outlets.
There are two farm silos, one for cereals, the other for crops, cabbages, onions and carrots.
In addition, there is a feed store, this runs on the factory script.
Almost all produced goods can be stored in the logistics center, with a few exceptions. The logistics center consists of 2 large halls for dry goods, 2 smaller halls for fresh produce and vegetables, as well as a warehouse for empty pallets and board pallets.
There are 2 sawmills, one with paper production and 3 empty pallet production facilities. Furthermore, a pulp mill for the production of cardboard boxes. In addition to the normal raw materials many productions also need these empty pallets.

In addition to hops and malt, the brewery also requires liquid yeast. This can be made in the dairy. The raw materials for liquid yeast are milk and molasses. Molasses is produced in the sugar factory. Malt is made in a small malt house on the site of the brewery.
We tried to make it possible for every fruit to be used in the productions. For example, Oat needed in Meyers manufactory for making oatmeal. Spelled can be processed in the mill, as well as rye. Triticale can be processed together with barley in the malting.
Some productions need products from other productions to produce their goods.
For most vegetables, there are special bottling plants. There the raw materials are packed on pallets. A special feature is the Kartoffelhof (Martinshof). There, the potatoes can be stored loose. But it is also possible to pack the potatoes as table potatoes on pallets. If the tape is full, and the goods have not been picked up, then all other produced pallets are automatically stored. Only when there is no more space, the production stops.
We put a lot of effort and work into this card, it has been extensively tested extensively in the SP over several weeks. A test in the MP could not be carried out in the absence of a suitable team. Here I am dependent on the feedback from the user.
My special thanks go to LF-Bauer for providing us with this card as well as to my test players:
Wegerenz, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, and hyacinth lindauer
which have contributed significantly to the success of your card with your feedback, suggestions and ideas.
If, contrary to expectations, mistakes still occur, I ask for your feedback.
Now I wish you a lot of fun on the Multimap 2018.
I thank all modders for their objects that I have installed. Should I have overlooked someone, or someone wants to recognize his object and be mentioned by name, I will add this in the next version of my map.

Marhu, kevink98, joker301069, BlackSheep, Blacky_BPG, 112Tec, ifkonator
Conversion for LS17:
Installation multi-fruit:
Objects of, if known:
Giants, castor, der_wanderer, wanngernbauer, Nic89.1, 112TEC, Niggels, The Snake, scottryder, San Andreas, M1800Power, Bummi, Marhu, Devin, Hewaaa, Bigblue, GE Mapping, dajun, wellano920, dds-modding, Ingolf, Katsuo, Blacky BPG, marc85, mike LSF Modding, PaPa, TuneWar, pisti, manni112, adam5525, SLJ-agrarian, Mark44, MCMC, borutcebuli, The Melker, ni-modding, XAnonymousX, atze1978, odin1985, Gaucho, sherco58, LS-, Farmer, KIK, Aerocool1, Trekkerbodo, Zefir, LS community,
MoriceSpencer – Thank you for releasing the timber trailer for transporting the buyable wood.
Zero_Ace – Thanks for releasing the Luggage Trailer
Wood michel for drawing in the snow mask
On the map are still objects from the LS13, whose origin is not known to me. I took over this from the original map.
Anyone who recognizes his object again and was not mentioned, who can always contact me. Of course, the entry is then made up.
Wegerenz, Holzmichel, rk54, rokki, hyacinth lindauer, halfway through
Many thanks to rk54 for the CP-friendly design of the feed store
Many thanks to Halbdurch for the preparation of the booklet.

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