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While some fans are waiting farming simulator 2017 to show up, others are guessing what mods will regale in the latest fs version. The fact is that not only fans but all kind of gaming experts are involved too so there is nothing surprising that it is possible to hear all kind predictions both hilarious and noteworthy. Even though some of guesses sound extremely persuasive, it is worth to note that there are no guarantees as long as GIANTS Software Company keeps everything in secret. So let’s hear what the latest predictions on farming simulator 2017 mods are.

Firstly, most of the experts note that most likely GIANTS will upgrade trucks and tractors on farming simulator 2017 mods. As most of us have heard, GIANTS already have signed collaboration with worldwide brand Lelly but as some of the resources inform, this is just the beginning and there is going to be much brighter brand we will be able to enjoy in fs 2017. Furthermore, other farming tools should be upgraded too. As there were many fans who expressed their disappointment for not having entire freedom in farming and were interfered by not having some kind of tools in 2015 version, GIANTS promised that in the latest farming simulator 2017 everything will be solved.

It is also believed that there are going to be some great changes in other farming simulator 2017 mods such as cars, buildings, tutorials and trailers. Even though 2015 version was extremely satisfying, there are many gaps which must be filled we upgrades. Farming simulator recent several years is one of the most growing game throughout the world so if they are going to keep their fans satisfied, there are no doubts that grand changes is going to be done. Until we will see what is new on farming simulator 2017, let’s keep up for the latest news and wait for autumn when fs 2017 is going to be officially released.


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  1. Ethan Guthrie says:

    Why is a picture of two bucks? Is there going to be hunting in the mods?

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