Petite Ile v1.0

Hello LS community,
I guess that after half a year LS17 some singleplayer are ready for the island. I have, by the inspiration of the “Old Times”, a solution for you:
The Petite Île (small island)
It is again a map for singleplayer (but also suitable for MP). Also this map I have built according to my ideas and criteria, which should be a map for me. Therefore, I will not be able to take into account all the ideas and wishes of the users. So be fair in your comments and pay attention to the enormous work involved in building a map.
On the islands you expect:
2 fully accessible courtyards
All animals from LS 17 (sheep are “exiled” to an island and can only be reached by ferry)
Purchaseable fields including missions
Fertile meadows
A small BGA
A small sawmill
compost Master
Soy milk production
Shopped Straw
The ferry from Al_Bandy (must be in Modordner, since it belongs already to your fleet)
Transport, residents and tourists
4 places where you can place your placeable objects to customize the map according to your needs
Milchtrigger to sell the milk yourself (as far as the stop MilkSale mod is set by you on the map, your decision)
To all the “Golsucher” among you is said, in the record is nothing of a gold treasury. But there is a rumor of a shut-up, but there are rumors like “Sand at sea.” I swear, Sand gives it amply
The following mod is mandatory:
Ferry in the Modordner (after the download unpack and only the ferry (Fary) in the Modordner)

Chopped straw
A few more notes on the map:
The cows you have to muck out in the barn (so ran with the front loader)
Straw for the cows please unload in the barn
The two farms each have their own workshop
Note: the rescue point is at the farm 2 (cows, pigs)
One word to the ferry:
Since the ferry is still not really swimming, it is not possible to swim in the water. For this reason, invisible collisions are installed. But I’m sure the Al_Bandy will solve this problem and the ferry will someday swim. Then, if necessary, there will be an update from me.
My special thanks go to manu09, bigseppl for the extensive test of the map.
Also at Loleben and McBee for the great help in building the map.
Finally a huge thanks to wee5t for the very good videos of the map which helped to improve the map.
Well enough of the words, get out of the deck and into the drecker, the work does not run off – wrong-wait for you.
Your RitchiF

Idee / Konzept: ritchif
Tester: ritchif, manu09, bigseppl
Sonstige: Gauroth für die Inspiration (Old Times)
Al_Bandy für die tolle Fähre
arii, VBM Modding, tOxicOm, Blacksheep Modding, möchtegernbauer, NKB-Modding, martinbigM500, Luzog, Grotti, nico1410, Slowtide63, JLP50, FrenchModding, MIKI48,
Ich möchte mich bei allen Moddern bedanken deren Objekte ich verbaut habe, aber deren Namen ich nicht mehr zurückverfolgen kann. Bitte eine PN an mich und ich werde es selbstversänlich nachtragen.

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