Start Map with extra Foliage Layers v1.0




Standard Start Map:
This is a empty start map that u can use for Farming Simulator 17.
For this empty start map i used the SDK Mod Map from giants.
This version is with 7 extra foliage layers.

Standard crops
Standard foliage layers
Standard terrain textur layers
De map is gevlakt op replace hoogte 100
I set the map to replace height 100
7 extra foliage layers

You wil find in the map:
Starting point
Fields only field01 you can duplicate it for extra fields
The animals
Reset trigger for the vehicles
Splines for traffic and pedestrians
**The map has no erros in it and works properly, check the images.

Giants, Richard

Bush 01, 02, 03, 04 and Grass 03 by Niggels / VertexDesign
Grass 01 and 02 author unknown, please let me know of you are the author of this textures.

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