Stiffi 2017 v3.1

Hi folks so now it is so far the Stiffi 2017’s there.

Version 3.1
Mistake corrected!
Error in Silo Remedies (The content is no longer coming from the walls)
Hidden object removed from field 12
Server log error Removed from blank
The log says a warning to the but for the game is not Interresant !!

Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.
The yard is larger and has new vehicles.
I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.
I will Stiffi 2017 Map expand ever further!
Look in
MfG LS-Andy


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1 Response

  1. Manuel glaus says:

    auf der map gibt es ein Sägewerk.
    wo kann man die bretter/Paletten verkaufen?

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