Welcome to our Talberg-Map It is a middle courtyard with some machines.

version 2.0
– Forestry (new)
– Tunnelsystem (New)
– You now have 5 fields the others have to be bought (fixed)
– missions are playable (fixed)
– Fields defined (fixed)
– yard silo (warehouse) (gefixt) (new built)
– Cowshed renewed
– Bales sold at the farm and in the village (new)
– starting positions of vehicles adapted (fixed)
– Fields Labeling / numbering (fixed)
– PDA card adapted (fixed)
– New dirt road to forest / forest (new)
– Sawmill now has a turning hammer / circle (New)
– New labels / markers set (fixed)
– New BGA installed (new / fixed)
– Feed triggers / water triggers in sheep (fixed)
– Feed storage / warehouse (fixed & renewed)
– Vehicle silos renewed (new)
– dirt road from farm to cowshed (fixed)
– mountains set bez. Adjusted (fixed)

Happyfunny21, Jan, Bauer Andraste

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