Thuringer Oberland v1.0

Welcome to the Thuringian Oberland!

It’s time!
After the map in the LS15 never over the beta status (except the stolen version), I had now a few weeks time, and have the time to make them fit for the LS17 fit.
There are again 29 fields, from 0.9-18,3ha all of which are available. In all fields that do not belong to you, the field missions work.

I save big explanations, just go and explore the area.
At most points of sale, opening hours must be observed, and you must leave the milk yourself. For this you need the Kotte Universal Pack by Farmer_Andy.

If you find any mistakes, please report!
And now have fun in the Thuringian Oberland.

Driving silo ddr cow stall pigsty schafstall barn wanted
Gardencenter BauerBernd
Potato Hall DDR Map
Feldscheune piston-eater
Manure spreader Farmer_Andy
Gas station Hardstyler
Shop Joerg B
Description of Nick98.1
CompostMaster Farmer_Andy
CompostMaster Idea and models: Andy1978 Fermenting Siloscript: Marhu
Road construction kit atze1978

Sawmill kevink98 (Script)
Fasi (wooden pallets)
El_Cid (Building)
Giants (palette)

Futtermischer pack Credits: Kastor, Marhu, Kevink98, Joker301069, Farmer_Andy
Sojamilch production Model: slowtide63, Giants
Script: kevink98, LS15: Marhu

Milchtrigger Credit: kevink98 (script), Marhu (parts from the Liquidtrigger LS15), Giants (Triggermarker)
Stop milk sale Script: Marhu & BlackSheep
Idea / concept: Marhu
The map may not be uploaded without my permission, in other forums or with other hosters. Also not in modified form!

Fahrsilo ddr kuhstall schweinestall schafstall scheune möchtegernbauer
gartencenter BauerBernd
Kartoffelhalle DDR Map
Feldscheune Kolbenfresser
Güllelager Farmer_Andy
Tankstelle Hardstyler
Shop Joerg B
schilder Nick98.1
CompostMaster Farmer_Andy
KompostMaster Idee und Modelle: Andy1978 Fermenting Silo Script: Marhu
strassen baukasten atze1978

Sägewerk kevink98 (Script)
fasi (Bretterpaletten)
El_Cid (Gebäude)
Giants (Palette)

futtermischer pack Credits: Kastor, Marhu,Kevink98,Joker301069,Farmer_Andy

sojamilch produktion Modell: slowtide63, Giants
Script: kevink98, LS15: Marh

milchtrigger Credit: kevink98 (Script), Marhu (Teile aus dem Liquidtrigger LS15), Giants (Triggermarker)

stop milchverkauf Script: Marhu & BlackSheep
Idee / Konzept: Marhu

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