Converted Westbridge Hills map from FS15 to FS17.

Version 1.3
– Sugarcane added
(The .zip filename same (1.2) just replace the older version. So you do not have to start a new game)

Version 1.2
– fixed sheeps feeder
– minor changes on farm
– single building deleted on farm

Original map by GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko. I just modified.
Now absolutely flat and have bigger fields. Some building was deleted. All other things standard.

Model: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum
Texture: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum
Idea / Concept: GIANTS, converted to FS17 by Holecsko, modified by Hungarikum

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  1. Patrick says:

    I have found a major issue regarding straw swaths on fields. When I have harvested the wheat on the starting fields the harvester would stop ejecting straw for a while and after a few seconds, it would make a massive pile of straw on the field in a big heap.

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