Winery Farming simulator 17 v1.0.1

Hello LS community,

Version 1.0.1
Plainability improved, see picture (has now ramps get thus past it itself the ground something)
Bucket trigger installed (tipping over the conveyor belt, see picture)

I hereby present to you the winery.
a big thank you to Wingi who stood by me with advice.
The winery is only in combination with the vineyard, see here:

So the winery now:
1: You need to be able to (buy) build a large level field to the winery
2: You fill as water at each trigger and tilts in the hall (entrance 1 or 2) the grapes from.
3: The wine barrels can be stored / stacked and verkaufen.Kleine barrels are where carried by hand, can be sold at each sale trigger where soybean has.
The large on Pallette can be sold where the sunflower is sold at the current price.
CURRENTLY IN BETA and is embellished just so to make their time wine can.

For vineyard now:
1: You need a big flat box (purchased) to the mountain to build können.Dafür costs the mountain nothing that you put him wise and place can, have the maintenance so Bisle angepast.Möchte read no whine, goes net etc ..
2: You fill as manure, fertilizer and water on to the respective trigger.
3: Harvesting can you with any trailer, which would but I rather recommend a small to verwenden.Ihr can go through if their R recharging manually pressed, the automatic jerky yet, müst test their itself between the vines.
4: The grapes can be stored (tilt), and in each store currently sell the where wheat has .For current wheat price.

Log free, dedi teste
So now I wish much fun
Cordial greetings Susi

Idee / Konzept: susi
Tester: susi,wingi
Modobjekte: Farmer Andy
Script: marhu/kevin98
Von: BlackSheep(RC-Devil)
Sparkie: Acrylglas

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Need grape vines. Where can I download them for 2017?

  2. manuel carrara says:

    hello j ai bien le mod installé ,mais introuvable une fois le jeu lancé ?

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