XLFARMS X3 V4.3.1.2

Changelog v4.3.1.2
Added some new objects (details) on the map
Adjusted fruit prices for sale
Adjusted the volumetric capacity of the silos according to the quantity of silos in the farm
Adjusted triggers for straw and woodchips
Fixed floating objects
Fixed small bugs
Defined new collisionMap for all maps
Review of all fields

Welcome to the XLFarms X1 map. The first XLFarms project map for the FS17 series.
The XLFarms Project came up in 2009 with the modification of existing maps, such as BigVirginIsland. In the game LS11 with Agritec, Fuhrmann Map Edited and Glenvar Edited. In the LS13 with Agrarfrost, Agroland, Paradise, Sunshine and FS15 with the project renamed for XLFarms and its series of private maps.

You may even think that the map is unreal because it is planned. Their fields were based on US fields where the great majority is size 64ha or 1600mx1600m (peripheral fields to mainFarm). There may be variations in rectangular format of 1600mx800m, 32ha (central fields).
So I designed the fields by distributing them across the map and creating MainFarm in the center.
I needed to create a recipe to maintain the cost of maintenance, fuel and input costs, so I put the wind power towers in the center.

The map does not have the creation of any kind of animal or forestry.
In this map the focus is the production of grains. So do not ask to be inserted because they are not part of the logic of the project.
The map is planned with fields of 64ha and 32ha. A single main farm for total control and management and a point of sale with only access by train.
It has roads for the circulation of big equipment like the Bromar Super Duty Mother Bin and SeedHowk 980.
It has large garages for the BigBud and large machines and equipment.
It has several wind power towers that generate a fixed daily revenue to help you progress.
Map Cultures: wheat, barley, rape, maize, sunflower, soybean

By-products: wheat straw, barley straw, silage.

Changelog v3.0.1
Adjusted new larger discharge stations for wagons with dolly
Adjusted map edges with collision to avoid falling vehicles
Adjusted wage in X2 and X3, more spacious for roadtrains of up to 2 wagons
Added a variant, called V2 for maps X2 and X3 where it adds garage and silos
New PDA for all farms
New presentation file shows a layout of mainFarm
Adjusted capacity and storage value of grains on the farm
Correction of several Bugs

Sukup grain bin pack (main farm silos)
Model & Texture – ThompsonM06
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD
Bio-Diesel Raffinerie by auwgl
Bauer heini by Shell Tankstelle
Radarturm by Rummelboxer
Sheds by Mike_Modding_nl
AnhydrosFacility from the map FS17_LoneStarV1 by rmckinney
Station wash 9M kaercher HDS-C 8 / 15E: Blacksheep Modding
Doors from the mod MachineShed100x50
Models, Textures, Sound by SickleBandit

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