Map created by real terrain. This is my first experience in mapping and my first map.
On the map there are:
– grain storage
– vegetable warehouse
– warehouse of hay, straw, grass
– seed storage
– fertilizer storage (liquid and dry)
– warehouse of refined grain
– fuel storage
– production of refined grain
– seed production
– dairy
– bakery
– meat processing plant
– production of feed for pigs
– feed production (for cows)
– sawmill
Archive must be unpacked.
Changes (25.05.19 / 21.56 MSK):
Added / changed v 1.2.0:
– ChoppedStraw added to map
– Compatible with the season mod
– Fixed display of shadows
– Fixed silos
– Added the ability to collect eggs
– Fixed trigger on point of sale
– Fixed display of feed in the feeders on the barn
– Added chip storage
– Added a water storage tank near the barn
– Fixed display of manure at the barn
– And a lot of small things
What is added / changed:
– Expanded borders of the map, added fields
– Flour Mill
– Rybhoz
– Quarry with sand
– Fixed silos
– Production at the bakery
– Some production purchased
– Added BGA with garages
– Changed warehouses of hay, straw, seeds
– Added animal feed storage facilities
– On trifles and much more
Added / changed:
– Fixed collisions at hay and straw storages, as well as floating stacks of straw and hay
– At the base there are two warehouses (hangars), changed the collision for the correct unloading of the crop into them so that they would not leave the walls.
Saving unchanged, but those who use warehouses (hangars) for harvest, dumping on the ground. It is necessary to save the tipColMap.grle file (unzip) in the save.
– Removed collision at the pillars, where the fields are 2, 27, 28 and 33. The road is narrow, so it is decided.
Archive must be unpacked.

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