Pack trucks ZiL for FS17. Wash them. Mirrors. Lighting engineering. Traces and dust from the wheels. In the package there is a fuel barrel (4800 liters), ARUP 8 spreader (14 m, 18,000 liters), trailers (SZAP 9329 (30000), GKB 819 (12000 liters)) can be seeded and fertilizer drills on the right or left. The log is clean!

Added v 3.3:
1) Semitrailer-tank ODAZ (transportation of water and milk, 9000l).
2) Semi-trailer-animal carrier ODAZ-3857B.
3) OEDZ semi-trailer. Automatic loading / unloading logs (7m).
4) Semi-trailer-platform for transportation of bales and pallets. Automatic loading / unloading, selection of unloading side.

Added v 4.5:
1) Milk tank
2) Livestock semitrailer
3) Timber semi-trailer with auto-selection
4) Semi-trailer for bales and pallets with auto-selection
5) Product module with auto-selection
6) 2 tanks for different liquids

Fixed problem with modules

Installation: a file in a ZIP format – transfer files / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

Eraevgenij, Envelope Oleg

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