Hello my dear fellow players, I’ve taken the standard Giants models from the editor here and the ranges and capacities adjusted so that you can handle even with multiple income mods or on larger maps.

Version 1.1 4.12.2018
-alter loader wagons were replaced against the Rapide8400W
-BigBags with 10x capacity are for sale
Pallets with 10x capacity are for sale
Bales with 5x capacity are available for purchase
– BiggerAnimalFoodMixer160k has been corrected to 160k capacity
-2 new plows
FastPlowCreate faster plow for creating fields
PlowForWork30M enlarged plow for field work DEEP LAXER
-1 new large cultivator Cultivator30M
-1 new large mower for tractor TractorCut20M
-2 new Multiseeder 9 meters and 15 meters with increased ranges
-1 new big weeder Weeder30M
-1 new big turner DryGrassMaker9000

For exact information, please look in the Modübersicht, there are the new / changed mods marked in red.

Unfortunately, I still do not know how I can edit the devices in the editor / so I have to get an optical modding hinbekommen.
If someone can give me some tips or ask someone just a message or a comment.

Quick Overview:
All the equipment needed for ordering and harvesting improved a lot (speed, capacity, width)
9M multiseeder
15M multiseeder
25M multiseeder
300,000 liter trailer
100,000 liters of harvesters (for turnips and so on)
150,000 charging with better range
BigBags, pallets, bales capacity increased
and many more

I do not own copyrights.

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants
Idee / Konzept: Giants
Sonstige: SvenDasSchaf

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